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The Weinberg family apartment

Dzielna 4

Streams of people run by. A long string of loaded wagons meanders down the street. The bells of blocked trams ring desperately. The porters, sagging under excessive weight, double over, and the veins in their temples and necks bulge, ready to burst under enormous strain. (…) There is, however, a day in the week when this bustling swarm of business quietens down. That day is Saturday. In the morning, devout Orthodox people direct their steps to the houses of prayer, and then stroll around the Krasiński garden, enjoying a lively chat. After lunch, they take a quiet nap, while the garden benches are crowded by young, enamoured couples.

(Aleksander Janowski, Życie dzielnic stolicy [Life of the Capital's Districts], w: Warszawa. Ku upamiętnieniu dziesięciu lat samorządu stolicy w niepodległej Polsce, 1929)

Thanks to the report by Aleksander Janowski, we can imagine the everyday and festive life of the district where the young Mieczysław Weinberg grew up. Did he also have his favoured bench in the park?



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