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Conservatory of Music in Warsaw

Okólnik 2

In my numerous tours I partnered with Jerzy Czaplicki, as well as a phenomenally gifted young pianist, Weinberg, a student of the Conservatory, also a composer. I remember a particularly funny incident. I once asked him to play his beautiful mazurka instead of Chopin's Mazurka, which he always played as an encore. But, despite promising that he would, he played Chopin again. Offended, I reprimanded him, to which he replied: If I can play Chopin – why would I play Weinberg instead?

Loda Halama, a dancer and the star of the Polish theatre scene in the 1920s and 1930s, was delighted to cooperate with Mieczysław Weinberg. How was the young pianist able to combine stage performances with his duties as a student at the Conservatory of Music in Warsaw?



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