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The Weinberg family apartment

Żelazna 66

Kuba Wirus stopped at the corner of Żelazna and Krochmalna streets, looked around, and then up. A shabby-looking wall of a house stretched high and wide, dotted with iron balconies. On both sides of the tenement house, black rails of a high fence topped with barbed wire were visible. Right next to Kubuś there were shuttered ground floor windows: light and accordion music filtered through the slits of the shutters. The evening was cool and the front door locked. In the doorway, behind the glass, hung a glass board, reading, in blue letters: »Warsaw Catering Establishment – "Candy" Bar – Category 4«

(Leopold Tyrmand, Zły [The Man with the White Eyes])

In the novel "Zły" [published in English as The Man with the White Eyes], the area of Żelazna 66 is a dangerous "Wild West", where only a few ventured, usually for purposes that were not entirely lawful. What does the unusual tenement house – a witness to history – look like today?



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