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Novelty Theatre

Bielańska 5

After the Great War, the Hirszfeld brothers set up a large colonial shop on Bielańska Street, selling alcoholic beverages, canned food, sophisticated salads, condiments, mayonnaise and various rarities. Next to it, they ran a bar and restaurant called "Picadilly". It was an exceptional bar. The sandwiches were large and satisfying. In this bar, guests knew what they were paying for. In the buffet, the waiter was given a glass of vodka for the guest, covered with a piece of tissue paper, so as not to spill even a single drop when carrying it to the table.

(Władysław Płachociński, Wspomnienia [Memories])

Władysław Płachociński associated this address with delicious food, and what did the Weinbergs do in Bielańska Street?



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