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"Scala" Theatre

Dzielna 1

During the performances, my father sat at the conductor's stand, playing the violin and conducting. From the age of six, I kept him company, never letting him out of my sight and listening to all those not-so-valuable, but sincere melodies. I don't know why, but for a long time I was convinced that my father's baton made a trumpet-like sound, and I remember how very disappointed I was when my told me that it was not so, because it does not make any sound on its own.

(Interview with Mieczysław Weinberg, Niemal każda chwila mojego życia – praca [Almost Every Moment of My Life is Work], 1994)

Mieczysław Weinberg spent his childhood in Jewish theatres of Warsaw. What did he watch in the "Scala" revue theatre instead of listening to bedtime stories?



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