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"Oaza" Entertainment Company

Wierzbowa 9

The artist, on her way to the Land of the Rising Sun, decided to spend her last night in Poland in a rather exotic way. She had sent the trunks with her costumes to the train station in the evening, and from dusk to dawn she decided to bid Warsaw farewell with sentiment and joy in the "Oaza", taking an active part in the artistic program reviving "Momus". […] Everyone enjoyed themselves until dawn, and when the daylight began to grapple with the fleeing night, the whole company went to the railway station in a huge cavalcade to say goodbye to the artist setting off for the Land of the Rising Sun, at sunrise.

(Anna Lisiecka, Zapraszamy do „Oazy” [Welcome to "Oaza"]

This is how Loda Halama says goodbye to Warsaw before going on a tour of Japan, but what was the young Mieczysław Weinberg up to in "Oaza"?



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