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"Casino" cinema

Nowy Świat 50

The debut of the young director Mr Z. Ziembiński can be classified as successful. Despite many shortcomings and inconsistencies in the film, the action is rapid and neat. The shortcomings are caused mainly by the uninspired storyline and the poor performance of some of the actors. The exhibition is mediocre, annoying even, and does not contribute to the reviewer's positive attitude towards the entire film, characterised by strange scarcity of content. One of the better moments is Loda Halama's dance, originally choreographed to exceptionally good music, as it speaks to the viewer and moves him deeply. A similar expression of a gesture is quite uncommon. But why is Halama singing? Her voice is definitely an aberration.

("Świat" magazine, 1936)

The most beautiful legs of the Second Polish Republic are not the only appeal of the film Fredek beglads the world. Pay attention to the young man at the piano ... It is the young Mieczysław Weiberg! How did he get cast in the film?



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