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Kamiński Theatre

Oboźna 1/3

We could see the Polish Theatre from our windows. When my mother came home, she often stood leaning against the balcony window, looking down at the theatre, where she saw the actors sitting in the backyard during rehearsal, and the stage manager calling them to the stage. She would say to me then: “Oh, how I envy them with their peace and the joy of a steady job; I don't think I'll get to experience that. But you may, my child! ... ”

(Ida Kamińska, Matka moja Estera Rachel Kamińska [My mother Estera Rachel Kamińska], 1956)

The Jewish Kamiński Theatre, established right next to the Polish Theatre, was to become an artistic space dreamed up by actors and musicians from the generation of Estera Rachela Kamińska. Did the Jewish theatre in Dynasy street fulfilled the expectations of artists such as Mieczysław Weinberg and his father?



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